Machinist Oy Ltd (Finland)


Machinist Oy Ltd (Finland) has been providing sales and promotion solutions for manufacturers of construction equipment and consumables since 2004.

Machinist Oy Ltd (Finland) has been builds a network of sales, distribution and technical support at foreign sites for factories producing technologies and construction equipment.

Machinist Oy Ltd offers consulting services to factories, manufacturers and distributors of machinery and construction equipment.

Technical support and after-sales service

The Machinist Oy Ltd team has an International Technical Support (ITS) network, a resource center that provides verification, troubleshooting, equipment audits and on-site end customer training.

Technical support includes ensuring constant communication between the end buyer and the manufacturer at all stages: acquaintance with the manufacturer's brand, pre-sales consultations, support for the selection of equipment, taking into account all the requirements, needs and restrictions of the customer.

Technical training for clients. Planned and organized customer product training and operator training for equipment end users. As well as after-sales support during operation, maintenance and supply of spare parts.

Spare parts logistics

Efficient spare parts logistics thanks to a reliable network.

The well-established network allows Machinist Oy Ltd to distribute products in foreign markets, minimize export formalities and efficiently arrange the supply of equipment and spare parts to local customers.

The selection of spare parts for the end user is carried out based on his specific needs. Machinist Oy Ltd ensures that manufacturers have access to spare parts warehouses in various locations.