Solar power plant - an engineering structure that converts solar radiation into electrical energy. The methods for converting solar radiation are different and depend on the design of the power plant.
Wind turbine (wind power plant or wind turbine) is a device for converting the kinetic energy of the wind flow into mechanical energy of rotor rotation with its subsequent transformation into electric energy.
Hydroelectric power plant (HPP) is a power plant that uses energy of water masses as a source of energy in channel waterways and tidal movements. Hydroelectric power plants are usually built on rivers, constructing dams and reservoirs. Two main facto...

An alternative source of energy in the nature of matter and processes that allow a human to obtain the energy necessary for existence.

The main direction of alternative energy is the search for and use of alternative (non-traditional) energy sources. An alternative energy source is a renewable resource, it replaces traditional energy sources that operate on oil, natural gas and coal, which, when burned, release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to the growth of the greenhouse effect and global warming. The reason for searching for alternative energy sources is the need to get it from the energy of renewable or almost inexhaustible natural resources and phenomena.

Alternative energy includes a number of promising ways of generating energy from available renewable resources and natural phenomena (wind, solar rays, moving water streams, geothermal waters and others). Additional advantages of renewable energy sources are absence of negative influence on the environment and human health, economy.