Work on the project begins with a pre-project analysis. This allows you to collect and analyze all the necessary data to make the most correct decision. Identify the possibilities and limitations of various methods of project implementation.
The company "Phoenix Technology" carries out professional selection and direct deliveries of equipment, materials and software, in accordance with project documentation and technical description of equipment for solar power plants in the complex.
Phoenix Technology provides services for Customer Service and Training of the customer's specialists for installed equipment and systems. Our staff employs experienced professionals who regularly attend training and raise their qualification level.
Construction and installation work is the common name of all works in construction. They are in great demand in various fields. Construction and installation works include a set of works performed on the construction site during the erection of build...

Solar power plant - an engineering structure that converts solar radiation into electrical energy. The methods for converting solar radiation are different and depend on the design of the power plant.

There are two main types of solar power plants. At stations of the first type (helio-concentrators), water is heated by light, which is concentrated by means of a system of controlled mirrors. These stations are quite complex in design.

Stations of the second type represent a battery of photocells. However, such a station is not only simple in design, but in a clean atmosphere, for example in the mountains, practically does not require maintenance. Today, the cost of photovoltaic power is much lower than that of solar concentrators, and continues to decline. Therefore, photovoltaic stations occupy a dominant position in terms of the amount of energy produced and in the market. They are widely used for industrial production, and in households.