Work on the project begins with a pre-project analysis. This allows you to collect and analyze all the necessary data to make the most correct decision. Identify the possibilities and limitations of various methods of project implementation.
The company "Phoenix Technology" carries out professional selection and direct deliveries of equipment, materials and software, in accordance with the project documentation and the technical description of the equipment.
Phoenix Technology provides services for Customer Service and Training of the customer's specialists for installed equipment and systems. Our staff employs experienced professionals who regularly attend training and raise their qualification level.
Construction and installation work is the common name of all works in construction. They are in great demand in various fields. Construction and installation works include a set of works performed on the construction site during the erection of build...

 The company "Phoenix Technology United" provides a full range of services, from design, development, supply and production, to commissioning and maintenance of the Security Systems.

The company implements projects from building simple to complex complex solutions for organizing security and preventing theft of enterprises:

 Perimeter protection, warning and evacuation management system;

  • Security and fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Systems of video observation;
  • Access control system;
  • Dispatching security control points.

 Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers and developers of safety equipment and technologies.