Explosion-Proof Connectors

Explosion-Proof Connectors

 Explosion-Proof Connectors

Explosion-proof connectors are designed to connect mobile equipment: portable luminaries, measuring instruments, batteries, pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, generators, and other non-stationary and portable devices whose current load does not exceed the allowable values.



Marking of explosion protection:

1ExdIIСT6 ... T4 Gb; 1Exd [ia] IICT6 ... T4 Gb; 1Exd [ib] IICT6 ... T4 Gb - for aluminum 1ExedIICT6 ... T4 - for polyester

Degree of protection: IP66 / IP67

Temperature, С0: -60 ... +85

Material: aluminum, resistant to chemicals,

reinforced with glass fiber, thermosetting polyester with the addition of graphite.

        Explosion-Proof Connectors Wieland                                                                             

 The Ex series includes components designed for use in potentially explosive areas.

Using Ex series components, it is possible to solve a wide range of lighting tasks and cable electrical heating for explosive areas, and provides different types of connections.


Explosion-proof connectors and connectors.

The series includes connectors made of special materials and oriented to use in explosive environments.

Cases are made of zinc alloy injection molding, the surface of the body: light blue, silicone-free, powder coated.

Degree of protection with closed snaps IP 54.

Operating temperature range from -40 to +120 ° C.