Phoenix Technology United LLP has been rated among the most successful enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The National Business Rating (NBR) reported the results of a nationwide analysis of enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan on contributions to the economy. The company “Phoenix Technology United” is one of the best construction and installation organizations. We have been granted the status of “Leader of the Year 2018”, confirmed by a National Certificate.


In business, it is very important to measure achievements, the performance of both the whole company and individual employees. The results of such assessments help to understand where the enterprise is located: it goes on a flat road or confidently conquers the summit.

Of course, every company regularly summarizes the activities and comes to the aid analysis conducted by the National Business Rating.

And we are very pleased to be in the top list of rankings, because this is an objective assessment based on numbers, and not on someone's personal preferences.


We are proud of such a trophy in our arsenal of achievements. After all, it is a symbol of our contribution to the development of the economy of Kazakhstan.

The rating shows that we are conducting a transparent business, it is possible to cooperate with us, that customers choose our services.

The NBR award in Kazakhstan is a sure guide in making management decisions on further development, business partnership, and investment efficiency.

Behind the achievements of the company Leader of the Year in Kazakhstan is conscientious work and professionalism of employees.

Personal rewards to our employees are a big thanks for their contribution to the overall success, recognition of professional achievements.

We believe, with our team we will be able to subdue even higher goals.