«ABC Electro»

The group of companies LLC ABS Electro includes the following companies:





ABS ZEI Automation

ABS Electrical engineering

ABS Energoneft

ABS Energoprojek



Sphere of activity of the group of companies:

-Production and delivery of electrical equipment

- Turnkey construction of power facilities


- Scientific research and development


About the group of companies:

50 years of research and development, 150 researchers and designers in the team, 1500 inventions and patents, up to 40 new patents annually. Own center of modeling of electric power systems.



  • automated systems of protection and management of energy facilities;
  • automated dispatching control systems: automated process control system, automated metering system, automated control system;
  • analysis and optimization of operating modes of electric power systems;
  • automated systems for smooth start and speed control of high-voltage motors;
  • low-voltage equipment: relays for power engineering and automation, wiring accessories;
  • ship electrical distribution devices and ship automation systems;
  • complex supplies of electrical equipment;
  • low-voltage complete devices