Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Pre-project consulting

Work on the project begins with a pre-project analysis. This allows you to collect and analyze all the necessary data to make the most correct decision. Identify the possibilities and limitations of various methods of project implementation.

During the consultation, the customer's needs are determined, optimal solutions are developed in the ratio of the price and quality of the equipment for the project implementation.

Pre-project consulting is carried out by high-level technical experts.



 Phoenix Technology together with its partners offers its services in the field of development of a full package of design estimates for facilities and systems that use alternative sources of energy to generate electricity.

When developing a project in the field of designing solar power plants, an important component is the complex of pre-design works, which includes:

  • site selection;
  • forecast of the power generation of the solar power plant;
  • equipment selection;
  • payback periods for different options;
  • environmental work;

• Economic work.

Technical and architectural supervision

Phoenix Technology provides technical supervision for the implementation of the customer's projects. We carry out technical supervision of the implemented projects regardless of their complexity and remoteness.

Phoenix Technology LLP has the necessary resources to effectively manage the quality of the construction process.

Technical supervision is necessary for quality control of construction and installation works, used material, compliance with norms and technologies of construction production. The implementation of technical supervision and the solution of complex technical issues are conducted at all stages of construction.

Technical supervision of construction includes a number of activities that provide full understanding in the relationship between the customer and the contractor.

The duties of technical supervision include: site visits, control of the compliance of the executed work with design decisions, design estimates, norms. Technical supervision monitors the availability and correctness of the maintenance of all technical documentation.